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The bookstore: I got sick of trying to find good photographic monographs, photo essays, and exhibition catalogs amidst the glut of photo related materials on the web and in stores such as Amazon.Com, so I set up my own store. If there are books which you're interested in seeing listed, or you have suggestions for ways to expand my offerings, please drop me a line.

The photography: The gallery is currently showing a portion of my portfolio taken with my camera of choice, a 4 X 5 inch view camera. I shoot mostly black and white using Kodak T-Max films and chemistry, and print on Ilford Multigrade FB papers. Enquiries about the sale of prints are welcome. Send me e-mail:
alder at alderyarrow dot com

The owner: I am a photographer, filmmaker, and the founder and principal of HYDRANT, a design and strategy consulting firm in San Francisco, CA. I also write about food and wine at Vinography.Com

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